Diversion Program

The Diversion Program is a psychoeducational group for individuals referred through the court system for first-time minor offenses. The Diversion Program discusses decision making skills, anger management, communication and other components that can contribute to criminal behavior. An evidence based model is used to help clients change problematic behaviors.

The Diversion Group is a 12-session, co-ed group for clients 18 years or older that is designed to help clients become accountable for their actions. Referrals generally are received directly from the district attorney’s office after an arrest or summons for theft or drug possession. Each 60-minute session is led by a master-level clinician, who uses a cognitive behavioral approach in a psychoeducational group setting based on the National Institute of Correction’s Thinking for a Change model.

The goal of the program, based on strong boundaries, is to help clients understand the consequences of their behavior and to avoid incarceration. To earn a certificate for completion for each program, clients must schedule and complete an individual intake appointment for a $35 fee, and complete 12 weekly sessions for $25 per session to be paid at the time of service.

For more information about this program, please contact the Director of Programs, Molly Bartlett, LCSW at 504.827.4012 or mbartlett@fsgno.orgTo schedule an appointment, please call (504) 822-0800.