The InCourage program was developed by the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It has been tailored and tested to be sure it meets the special needs of our people and the special challenges we have faced, to help us cope. All services are provided by our licensed mental health professionals. This program is designed for people who have been through Hurricane Katrina, whether they were forced to evacuate the storm or witnessed the devastation, or served others.

Anyone affected by the storm is eligible for up to ten sessions of counseling at no cost to help them move past the trauma of Katrina. Our counselors are trained to respond to your needs at this time of transformation.

They can help you recover emotionally from the disaster as well as helping you learn to know yourself better, challenge negative thinking and improve your coping skills. Feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety and depression are common reactions for anyone whose life was touched by this trauma.

  • InCourage can help them move forward.
  • InCourage counseling services are confidential and FREE.

For more information please contact:
David Haynik, LCSW
Office: (504) 827-4015