Family Preservation

Strengthing emotional health and fostering self sufficiency, one family at a time.

What is Family Preservation?

Family Preservation is a program that provides intensive in-home counseling to families at risk. It is designed to prevent dissolution of the system and to provide viable alternatives to strengthen families.

How can Family Preservation help?

The primary focus of Family Preservation intervention is to strengthen families as well as to keep the family together.

There are three main components that make Family Preservation a successful intervention:

  • Consistent Counseling: Six hours of in-home counseling per week.
  • Consistent Support: 24/7 Crisis Intervention services through our CART program.
  • Duration of Services: Counseling is provided for an 8 to 10 week time-period.

What sort of therapy is performed?

A variety of evidence based approaches are utilized in working with families including:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral approach
  • Behavior modification
  • Reality therapy
  • Parent education
  • Discipline and rewards
  • Mediation
  • Anger management/conflict resolution
  • Solution Focused