Domestic Violence

The Program

The Domestic Violence program at Family Service is a 26-session psycho-educational program that confronts the core issues involved in domestic violence. Each 90-minute session is led by both a male and female professional counselors from Family Service.

What’s Covered?

Domestic Violence groups discuss behavior and beliefs that contribute to violence. Family Service clinicians help participants understand the impact of violence on all family members. Participants also are taught how to recognize and eliminate denial, blame and the minimization of their actions.

Special emphasis is given to teaching non-abusive and non-controlling behavior. This is done especially in the areas of communication and appropriate expression of feelings. Other topics addressed include trust and support, partnerships, honesty and accountability, sexual respect, respect in relationships, negotiation and fairness.

Our Guidelines

In order to skillfully address the problem of domestic violence, our counselors have set guidelines that must be met in order to participate in the group. These guidelines are clearly communicated to each client upon entering the group.

These guidelines are:

  • Participants must enter into a contract with Family Service, pledging to refrain from violence and to set up a safety plan for the family.
  • Participants must attend all 26 sessions to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Participants may only miss two sessions, with a doctor’s excuse. The missed sessions must be made up before Family Service will acknowledge total completion of the program.
  • A client cannot miss more then 4 sessions total without documentation.
  • Violation of any of the above rules will result in the participant being excused from the program. He/She must reapply for services to re-enter a group.

Meeting times are different for each location; please call your preferred branch office for more information.