A Family Service counselor helped me accept my mother’s addiction and focus on developing control over my own life.

Case Study:

I was having a lot of trouble at home, constantly fighting with my grandmother. I blamed her for taking me away from my mother. I thought granny was just another adult who wanted to control me. I wanted to be with my mother and threatened to kill myself.

At first, I refused to talk to a Family Service counselor. I told her if I was going to be forced to be in treatment, I’d commit suicide.

When the therapist agreed to let me make my own choices, I came to sessions voluntarily. She allowed me to express my anger and accept the separation.

I began to understand that being with my mother when she was using drugs was not the best situation for me. I was better off living with my grandmother while I was in school and until my mother could recover.

The Family Service counselor was a friend I could talk to who really cared about my future.

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